Painful debugging in VSC

Is it only me or others share this experience that debugging in VSC is becoming more and more painful? See the example of the attached fig. The code flow did not stop at the breakpoint. It did land directly at the position of the yellow triangle. This is happening awfully frequently with not even stopping inside a function. Furthermore, when there is an error it kills me the REPL. It even randomly gives errors (and kills the REPL) when stepping (F10).

Julia 1.5 on Windows

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I have also experienced this situation in which the breakpoint is simply ignored by the debugger. I don’t know what is happening, it would be nice to learn.


For instance, I noticed is that the syntax @enter x |> f ignores breakpoints, whereas the syntax @enter f(x) respects breakpoints.

cc: @davidanthoff

The couple times I’ve tried to use the Julia extension debugger in VSC I’ve had similar issues (hanging, passing over break points, etc.). However, this is not a problem for me because I find I can effectively debug my packages using a combination of @show, Infiltrator, and the ref trick. So I basically never use the debugger.

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Opened this issue a month ago. Being able to debug with VSC is a fundamental feature but unfortunately it seems that debugging is the ugly duckling (hope that the translation of “Patinho Feio” is right) of the Julia tooling.

I have a different experience myself nowadays. The debugger in VSCode is working like a charm, except for the case I shared above with @enter x |> f syntax.

Not mine :frowning_face: I very often have to kill the VSC repl to make the breakpoints being respected again. And wait 100 secs for the package gets compiled.