Packages used to create animated reaction systems

Hello! I am working on a Pluto notebook where I am trying to simulate how reaction systems will naturally move back to equilibrium, even after making changes to concentrations of the species, the addition of catalysts, or changing the temperature. To do this, I want to people to be able to see how the forward and reverse reactions of the system change as the reactant/product gets used up. Are there any packages that will help me create this? The goal of the end product is where a user can make changes to the reaction system and see how it affects the rate of the reaction and they can see how the system will always return to equilibrium. Any suggestions would be very helpful!

For the simulation. For the animation, :man_shrugging: Plots.jl or Makie.jl? Jarvis.jl?

Have a look at Makie.jl docs, and some examples with code here