Packages & organisation for the Biometrics domain



Hi there,

I am developing a new organisation and a set of packages for Biometrics algorithms:

I would really appreciate the help of the community for: documentation, code review, unit tests, porting of open-source algorithms to Julia, and packages publication. Any kind of help will be very welcome!

My objective (maybe just a dream) is that this organisation will lead the development of algorithms for biometrics.
For this purpose, the base module is composed by simple biometrics rules, defining what is the relationship of each abstract type. For each biometric modality (face, fingerprint, iris…), matching algorithm and device (webcam , fingerprint readers…), these abstract types must be specialised.

Hope to reach a stable version soon, then push these packages to the official Julia repository.


The style is usually to name that base package with Base in there, i.e. BiometricsBase.jl. Other than that, the project sounds cool but I know nothing about the domain :smile:.


This kind of feedback (good practices) is even more important than domain experts right now! :wink: