Hi there,

I’m glad to announce the release of BioProfiling.jl v1.0.0, now as a registered package!

You might find it interesting if you’re analysing high-content imaging screens and eager to curate informative morphological profiles.

You can find some examples and a Docker image here.

If you decide to have a look at it, I’d be happy to get your feedback (both on the features and the package in itself, as it’s my first tool for Julia)!


Neat! I have no idea what a lot of phrases in your README mean, but I’m sure it will be useful! Really nice that you include notebooks to demonstrate the functionality :+1:

If you’re planning to register the package in General, we might want to talk about the name, as “profiling” might mean a lot of different things, see 5. Creating Packages · Pkg.jl.

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