Julia alternative for turtle graphics

A while back I made a nice visualization of the Ramanujan tau function using python turtle graphics, which I made for the 100th anniversary of this function. The turtle interface was very nice for making the graphics, what’s the best Julia alternative to achieve very similar graphics?



A declarative graphics (non-turtle!) package is Compose.
There’s a “lines to circle outline” example in the Compose docs.

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Note that in my example above, a new display window is opened, and the turtle drawing out the graphics is effectively a live animation. It’s kind of like a screensaver, that continues animating until you tell it to stop. Can these solutions do that also?

Making a static image is useful also, but what I’m after is the live animation of the turtle.

Yes and no, from Luxor.jl - animations are easy enough, but Luxor’s :turtle:’s aren’t built for speed (or indeed any kind of animation). For live graphics, you’d be better off with Makie.jl or something that does live updating in a window…