PackageCompiler with VS Code

I’ve been making custo system images like so

using PackageCompiler
create_sysimage([:StatsPlots,:LinearAlgebra,:Calculus, :MCMCChains, :StatsPlots, :Distributions, :BenchmarkTools,
:Tullio, :LoopVectorization], sysimage_path="JuliaSysimage.dll", precompile_execution_file="to_compile.jl")

This works like a charm when starting Julia with the appropriate flags. However, I was under the impression that VScode would automatically find the sys image when it is saved as “JuliaSysimage.dll” in the folder with my project.toml. I lauch the REPL in VS Code from the desired folder. It automatically uses the correct environment. But It is very clear from TTFP that I’m not using my custom system image. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

This is on Windows 10, Julia 1.6.1, PackageCompiler 1.2.6, and up to date VS code + Julia extension.


Also. Is there a way to specify the sysimage you want to use with VS code?

There is a setting in the extension that enables this and that is off by default.

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