PackageCompiler for a beginner?

Is it possible to have a simpler example of using PackageCompiler, addressed to the beginner?

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of him, for a moment.

He is trying to use Julia, and we suppose he is very happy with it.

However, he needs to pass the program he made on other PCs, which, even if it is not a primary objective of Julia, is still normal in the world of programming.

So the beginner - whose clothes I know very well - did this:

  1. has a myapp.jl where there are some of its functions. It is what it launches from the command line, with julia.exe myapp.jl. May be, the myapp.jl only print the message “Hello word nr xxx”, where xxx is a number computed in this following myutil.jl files, by its some function

  2. myapp.jl has an include to a myutil.jl, where the beginner has put his other basic functions (because he will also be a principiane, but the concept of putting useful functions on one side has it clear, to do this , made a simple “include” to that secondary file), where there is a function that computed the xxx part of the message.

Bear in mind that, most likely, this second child file uses something from an external package that he had to import into Julia (otherwise, he couldn’t use that particular function he needed), to compute the xxx part.

Is possible to see the structure complete, folders and files, as the example in the official page of PackageCompiler, but applied of this more simple request? is possible to be able to donwload it in a zip?

Just this, i think, is the minimal - but not so minimal - example to make humans to understand how compiling.

Many thanks for help that beginner … that i know very well …