How to use the app generated by PackageCompiler.jl?


I want to make an app for my Julia package named “MyApp”. Below is the simplified usage of MyApp in Julia:

using MyApp, DataFrames, CSV, Distributions

a ="data.csv", Dataframe)
b = "y=x"
c = 1

d = Normal(c,c)
e = function1(a)
f = function2(b)

Following the documentation of PackgeCompiler.jl, I cloned MyApp from Github, and ran create_app("MyApp", "MyAppCompiled"). Now I have a folder “MyAppComplied” with sub-folder “bin”,“lib” and “share”, and there are two exe files in the “bin” folder named MyApp and julia.

Sorry I have no experience with this, and my question is how to use MyApp to do my previous analysis as shown in above code?


You’ll need to have a “main” function in your package; according to the usage example you gave, it could look like the following:

function julia_main()::Cint
    # Get arguments from the command-line
    # (you'll probably want to handle errors, e.g. in case users don't
    # provide enough arguments)
    filename = ARGS[1]           # data file provided as argument, instead of hardcoding "data.csv"
    param = parse(Int, ARGS[2])  # numeric parameter instead of hardcoding c=1

    # Use your package to do what you need to do
    a =, Dataframe)
    b = "y=x"
    c = param
    d = Normal(c,c)
    e = function1(a)
    f = function2(b)

    # Display results in the end
    @show f

    # Return a success/error code
    #   0 indicates that everything went well
    #   any other value indicates an error
    return 0

After having created the app using PackageCompiler, the executable is found in MyAppCompiled/bin/MyApp. The way you run it will depend a bit on the OS you’re using, but the command-line would look like this:

/path/to/MyAppCompiled/bin/MyApp  /path/to/data.csv  1
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