PackageCompiler: Behavior of Custom Sysimages for Revise and OhMyREPL

Is it normal for a sysimage to “use” packages without a startup.jl? I recently made a custom sysimage for OhMyREPL and Revise together (like as one sysimage for two) with precompiled statements - this is based on the OhMyREPL tutorial from the PackageCompiler website but i mixed it with Revise. but while experimenting, i tried to start julia with julia --startup-file=no --sysimage=/home/tricks/.julia/config/ --sysimage-native-code=yes and it automatically has Revise and OhMyREPL which is kinda weird because i started it with no start up file, therefore it couldnt have read the code there which is using Revise, OhMyREPL on the first line. Is that normal behavior?

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Well, you compiles Revise and OhMyREPL into the sysimage and then loaded it, so thats why they are available.
In others words you already ran using Revise, OhMyREPL in session and then saved that whole session’s state into an image. So when you load that image, that state is replicated into the currunt session.