Package modification, has no effect

I developed a package on the local machine and used the package in some scripts to process data. I modified the package but when I run the Julia script nothing has been changed. Only when I changed the name of the function, the modification has effect. I closed all the Julia program before running the Julia script from the Linux shell.
How to make the modification be available?

System: Unbuntu
Julia 0.6.2

Please share more information about your work setup. In particular, are you using Revise.jl, and are you sure you saved the file?

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i did not use revise.jl. I edit and test the files on windows in atom. Then, uploaded to the linux server using FTP. I have checked the code using linux command and I am sure the code has been changed. I also check and close all the Julia programme using the command “kill -9 “.

Is it possible that the compiled result is not replaced by the new one?