Package for general purpose neuroimaging

Is there a package for general purpose neuroimaging? Specifically, does something akin to nibabel in Python for handling DICOM or NIFTI images exist?

For DICOM files, you may want to check out:

For NIfTI files, you might want to take a look at:

Also, @Zach_Christensen may know of some other good resources.

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Those are the best places to start. I have locally working files for TrackVis and MRtrix3 files, but they’re no where near ready for public use and I can’t make any promises on when/if they’ll be made public. NIfTI version 2 support is nearly ready and CIFTI and GIFTI support will shortly follow.

PRs and issues are welcome BTW. I’m helping with several research projects and doing occasional clinical work, so sometimes I take a while to respond to stuff. However, I look at github more than the news so I’ll get to it eventually (you might just have to ping me again if I take more than a week).

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Which package are you referring to when you mention NifTI version 2 support is nearly ready? Also I’d be happy to contribute and try to solve any issues : )

It’s going to be a part of NIfTI.jl and is currently the niopen branch.

Right now the most helpful thing would be using packages and reporting bugs.

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