ANN: JuliaActuary

I have created a GitHub organization to focus on extending Julia functionality into the actuarial domain:

I think there’s a lot of untapped potential to use Julia in the Actuarial profession given the amount of data and the heavy computational workloads. Right now R and Python are more common, though one of the headline Julia case-studies is an insurer using Julia.

There’s a good deal of overlap (and collaboration to be had) with JuliaFinance, but a separate work-stream would be helpful to focus on the following:

I have been playing around with implementations of things as I Iearn Julia and computer science techniques, but would welcome any help (actuarial or otherwise). I have also created the #actuary Slack channel in the Julia discourse.


Hi, thank you for posting this - I’m an actuary and have been a pretty avid Python user for modelling, but can see the potential power of Julia.

I’m currently experimenting with developing a heavy cashflow model (that can replicate excel models). Once I have worked out memoization I will post a small example.