Package boost_jll: how to use?

There is a package called boost_jll.jl, how can I use it?
Is there an example showing how I can use a boost c++ function in another package?
Thank you

This is all I found about this package: JuliaHub

@staticfloat You are mentioned as contributor to this package. Any comment?

Would really appreciate some help on this please. Would be great to learn how to use this boost_jll package. Thank you.

There isn’t much to say apart from reading Calling C and Fortran Code · The Julia Language. But Boost is in C++, so you likely can’t ccall in it directly, I don’t know if it has a C API. But what do you need from Boost?

boost_jll only ships the built libraries, you can access the individual libraries with the variable names listed in boost_jll.jl/ at aec3fb22c514d69822ecc24dbd0367e855472380 · JuliaBinaryWrappers/boost_jll.jl · GitHub, that’s it.

Thanks for the feedback.
Yes you are right it is in C++ so it can’t be called directly with ccall.
I have some c++ code that relies on boost and I would like to use it in a julia package.
So I am wondering how I can run my c++ code using boost_jll and put all that in a julia package along with some Julia code.
Hence I am looking for a small c++ example (boost function call) that uses boost_jll packaged in Julia.
Thank you.