Package A does not have B in its dependencies error when B is in A's weakdeps

I am working on a project that uses packages with extensions (REopt_API). Since updating from Julia 1.8 to 1.10, when I resolve and precompile my project, I get the following error:

ERROR: LoadError: ArgumentError: Package IntervalSets does not have Statistics in its dependencies:

  • You may have a partially installed environment. Try Pkg.instantiate() to ensure all packages in the environment are installed.
  • Or, if you have IntervalSets checked out for development and have added Statistics as a dependency but haven’t updated your primary environment’s manifest file, try Pkg.resolve().
  • Otherwise you may need to report an issue with IntervalSets

My issue is more general than IntervalSets though, that’s just the package in my environment that causes the first error of this type. I have already instantiated, do not have IntervalSets checked out for development, and have already resolved my env. In my Manifest.toml, IntervalSets has Statistics listed under weakdeps. In the IntervalSets Project.toml, Statistics is listed under weakdeps AND deps. When I hack my Manifest and manually change weakdeps to deps, the error goes away. This seems to be the case for every package that has its weakdeps also listed under deps in its own Project.toml. Docs say including weakdeps in deps is the correct usage, so is there something wrong with our project to not be able to handle it?

I realized that though my manifest was resolved with Julia 1.10, the project tests were actually being run with 1.8 and that’s why it wasn’t parsing weakdeps correctly.