OutOfMemoryError() on the terminal but NOT on Jupyter

Hello, when I run the following code on a (400, 800, 5844) Array{Float32,3} matrix on a server with 64GB of RAM I receive an

ERROR: OutOfMemoryError()
 [1] convert(::Type{Array{Float64,3}}, ::Array{Float32,3}) at ./array.jl:373

But only when I use the terminal (interactively or trough julia myscript.jl). When instead I use JupyterHub it runs smoothly.
Is there a setting in the terminal that is limiting the RAM ?

Ubuntu 16.04, Julia 0.6.1

EDIT: No, it’s the same… it was a colleague that was keeping lots of notebooks (kernels) opens… can this post be deleted (it seems the author can edit it but not delete it) ?