CUDA on JuliaHub

Using CUDA on JuliaHub gives the error

julia> using CUDA
[ Info: Precompiling CUDA [052768ef-5323-5732-b1bb-66c8b64840ba]
┌ Error: JULIA_CUDA_VERSION is deprecated. Call `CUDA.jl.set_runtime_version!` to use a different version instead.
└ @ CUDA ~/data/.julia/packages/CUDA/p5OVK/src/initialization.jl:162

Is there a specific version I need to change CUDA to ?

I was using JuliaHub with the option: V100 GPU, 8 vCPUs, 61GB Memory
It uses Julia 1.8.5.

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Commenting in hopes that this post will get more attention. Also curious how the answer differs for using the (cheaper) K80 GPU.

Sorry I don’t have an answer!

I moved this to the Julia GPU Slack

Seems to be where the Julia GPU community is :slight_smile:

This should be just a warning though. Is CUDA.jl not working properly on JuliaHub?

Its just a warning.
CUDA.jl works on JuliaHub