OpenGL rendering with CUDA

I am currently working on a personal project on fractals to be specific, and have used CUDA to implement the computational aspect for a number of reasons. I haven’t optimised my kernel yet, although it runs fast enough for them to be interactible. However, I am now struggling to render my fractals live using OpenGL. My two problems are that:

  1. I would like to pass data from my CUDA kernel to the OpenGL shader directly, since both are run on the GPU. But I have found very little information on CUDA and OpenGL interopability (let alone in Julia).

  2. After a few days I’m still not sure which packages I should use for OpenGL, I believe ModernGL and GLFW is my only real option but looking through some examples I must admit they are harder to follow given that it is wrapper and I can’t simply look through the source code. I am almost tempted to switch to python for this part of my project.

I wasn’t sure whether to post this in the Visualisation or GPU section but hopefully it’s alright. I appreciate any advice :pray:

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There is a small example here that may be of help:

This uses GLMakie which is built upon GLFW.

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Thanks a lot for the quick response, I will look through it. Have a nice day

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