Open Data Access Protocol

Is anyone able to use OpenDAP with Julia

I am at JuliaCON and maybe we could chat? Or maybe look at this at the Hackathon tomorrow?
I would like to download a dataset of sea surface temperatures and use Makie to make some visualisations.

I could download and unpack these files, but DAP seems to be an easy way to automate this.

This sounds like something @oxinabox would know about.

Wowie that is indeed in the space, that I care about, but I have not heard of OpenDAP.
I’ll have to look into that at some point.

This site feels like something DataDepsGenerators.jl should support.
To my surprise that website does not have JSON-LD elements describing the data – which is AFAICT how all the cool kids do it today (for search engine optimization, and cos it is actually useful).
Infact, at first glance it seems to not support any of the APIs that DataDepsGenerators.jl supports.
I thought it might support DataONE – since that is used all around the world for this kinda thing in this exact field.
But nope.

It may be that we need to add a DAT adaptor to DataDepsGenerators.jl.
I’ld have to look closer.

Regardless, DataDeps.jl would be useful for this

Please give me some references to JSON-LD and what is needed.
I installed 20 petabytes of storage and 100gig networking for that project, so I know some of the people involved. No guarantees they will listen to a word I say though!

I am attempting to learn how to make a geographical plot. I wanted something like sea surface temperatures or wind speeds to make a nice visualisation. So any suggestions on a data set which I can read using DataDeps are gratefully received!

This is outside of my expertise, but it could be that you could find inspiration or people with knowledge here

The easiest way might be just by using NetCDF.jl or NCDatasets.jl. As long as the library is built with optional DAP support, I believe it should just work.

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For what should be done to a site for JSON-LD

You can use NCDatasets.jl