[ANN] GHCNData.jl - Helper functionality for accessing and parsing the Global Historical Climatology Network daily data archive

GHCNData.jl is a small package for getting hold of the data from NOAA and parsing it. I wrote it as part of a larger project and figured other people might find it useful.

Possibly the most helpful bit of the package is the parsing – the format used by NOAA is a bit non-standard (although very well-documented). This package deals with all of that and returns you a DataFrame.

Please see the README for more details.

While writing this post, discourse helpfully pointed me torwards NOAAData.jl, of which I was previously unaware. It appears to be doing something similar, but appears unmaintained and looks to me more focussed on accessing a query interface, whereas GHCNData is more about just grabbing all of the data and working locally.

Feedback / contributions of course appreciated, particularly if I’ve missed another package with similar functionality!


Also, thanks to @oxinabox for helping me out with making DataDeps.jl play nicely with my tests.