Hi all, just wanted to note that I’ve published a new version of OnlinePackage updated for the post-github-action era. The package has had a bit of growing pains, as PkgTemplates has gained more features and github-actions became so damn convenient. The only non-trivial functionality left is the ability to automatically generate and set up SSH keys for your packages. You can generate as many as you want, and you can generate them for already existing packages. An ssh key is required for a fully featured CompatHelper, and they can optionally be used by several other github actions (codecov, documenter), though not strictly necessary for either. I’ve updated the docs with a tutorial, which you can see here. I’d love some feedback, especially on the docs.

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what does it do?


Puts you package up on github and adds ssh keys?

Here is some feedback:
you should put this in the “Puts you package up on github and adds ssh keys”.

It was not apparent to me (and xiaodai).


Ok, will do.

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