One Julia is slower than the other

Hello dear experts. Might be a weird question.
I have two different files of Julia (precompiled Julia with some third-party packages included, PackageCompiler is used).
Both files are Julia 1.6.1.
The problem is that Julia in one file is consistently slower than Julia in the second.
Running simple test:
@time sort(rand(1_000_000_000))
With the first it takes 128 seconds.
With the second it consistently takes 155 seconds on the same machine.

What could be the possible list of reasons, and how to check that?
I don’t have access to how exactly the “fast” was compiled, and which PackageCompiler version was used. But I need to reproduce the same Julia speed while compiling the new, and so far it’s been slower.
I can’t share the exact code of how PackageCompiler is being used, but it follows the standard process from

Thanks in advance!