OhMyREPL: Bracket completion only when pasting into the REPL via screen

This would normally work fine:

paths = Dict(:A  => "dirA", 
             :B  => "dirB")

But I wanted to use screen to monitor the REPL session via another device. I then kept getting this error:

julia> paths = Dict(:A  => "dirA", )
Dict{Symbol, String} with 1 entry:
  :A => "dirA"

julia>              :B  => "dirB")
ERROR: ParseError:
# Error @ REPL[2]:1:27
             :B  => "dirB")
#                         ╙ ── extra tokens after end of expression

It took me awhile to figure it out, thinking it had to do with newlines and was a screen setting. Instead it appears the OhMyREPL behavior is different for some reason. Ie, this setting fixed the problem:


I figured I’d post it since I didn’t find that info right away. Any idea why I get the different behavior? I see some discussion here:

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