OdsIO.jl first release - LibreOffice calc I/O for Julia!



An experimental package to convert ods (e.g. LibreOfiice calc) in either Julia dictionaries or DataFrames, using PyCall and the Python ezodf module.


The ods2julia is complete (although not optimized and not fully tested), the opposite direction is in program for February 2017.

Functions provided:


sheetsNames (optional) are a list of sheet names from which to import data
sheetsPos (optional) aree a list of sheet positions (starting from 1) from which to import data
sheetsNames and sheetsPos can not be given together
ranges (optional) is a list of pair of touples defining the ranges in each sheet to import ((tlr,trc),(brr,brc))
The functions return a list of dictionaries or DataFrames indexed by position or names (this is the reason of the s in the function name)

The following functions are provided for convenience:

ods2dic(filename; sheetName=Null,sheetPos=Null,range=())

Where sheetName, sheetPos and range are scalars and return directly a single dic/df. If none of sheetName or sheetPos are provided the function return the data of the first sheet.

This is my first package and I am pretty new to the Julia language as well, so I welcome all your (constructive) comments.