DDS package?

Im curious if anyone {is interested in, has considered, has attempted, has succeeded in} creating a Julia package that wraps one of the implementations of DDS.

If not, it seems like in principle this should be possible, e.g. using the Cxx package to wrap OpenDDS libraries which are C++, or maybe even just using Julia’s native C calling functionality to call the RTI Connext C API.

I haven’t any experience with either technique yet (nor much with DDS in general, just a bit of exposure to the RTI C API) to have a good sense of which of these is the better direction to take. Any thoughts about that would be welcome!

P.S. I couldn’t find a more appropriate domain for this (I figured middleware is a very generalized data import/export)… If I’ve missed a more appropriate place to ask this please let me know.


Wondering if you got anywhere with this. I think I may do something similar with OPC-UA.

I didn’t, no. I wasn’t aware of OPC-UA, thanks for the tip.