nVidia A100 vs RTX A6000 (what to choose)


I have to make a choice for a VM (Virtual Machine). One is equipped with nVidia A100, the other with RTX A6000. I’d like to ask for an advice. Most of my planned use is Julia AI training on Linux (RHEL 8 / Ubuntu Focal), however, sometimes I am switching Linux system for Windows Server 2019 (shutting down instance and attaching another volume). In both cases I would like to access it by remote desktop (for it I mostly use teradici and Nice DCV software).

My concerns are:

  • are both of the cards fully supported equally good on Linux and Windows Server?
  • which card is better supported by Julia (are there any differences or both are fully supported)?
  • which one has better performance with Julia?
  • is A100 able to be used for graphical workstation jobs and remote desktop support or is it only intended for computations?

Hope the questions are valid, especially the last one. I have to admit, that I have not been reading about recent nVidia product range and due to some reasons I will have very limited time to read about it before making the choice, nor I will have the opportunity to make any tests thus the questions here.

Which one would you recommend?