Notification of breaking changes in Makie?

Is there an easy way of getting notice of breaking changes in Makie? I do a regular ]update and today GLMakie was updated to 0.5.0 and my code no longer worked. It turned out to be straightforward to fix (replace Node with Observable).

GLMakie has turned out to be perfect for my purposes and it would be nice to know in advance of any breaking changes. Where should I be looking?

The breaking changes are listed in the file in the repository and in the news section on the website. The minor versions count as breaking for a package below version 1.0, so if you don’t want your package to break, you can set compatibility boundaries that will prevent minor version updates until you specifically increase the boundary.

Thanks, I don’t mind the breaking changes as I’d prefer to stay up-to-date if possible so
I’ll try and keep an eye on the web site in the future. There doesn’t seem to be a direct link to the news on the front page ( but you have to go down to the documentation, which may be why it took me a while to find out what was going on.

I think it’s common in this environment to look to Github as the main source of such information, the news section on the web site is just a rendering of the file for convenience. Sometimes things can be missing in NEWS, then your best bet is the list of closed PRs.

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Thanks, I’ll try and remember that in the future.

You can also follow the repo on GitHub and get notified via email when new versions come out.