[ANN] Makie v0.19.12 released!

Just before the big 0.20 release, we decided to make one last non breaking release!

You can read about all the important changes between 0.19.9 - 0.19.12 here:


Stay tuned for the 0.20 release coming out in the coming days, which will be one of the biggest Makie releases!

If you already want to try out 0.20, it’d help a lot to find bugs before the actual release:
]add MakieCore#sd/beta-20 Makie #sd/beta-20 GLMakie #sd/beta-20 WGLMakie#sd/beta-20 CairoMakie#sd/beta-20 RPRMakie#sd/beta-20
Or dev the repository and check out the branch :wink:

Best wishes!


Could you give, or link to, some description of what will be in v0.20?

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We’ll release that in a blogpost!
You can read over the PR for now: https://github.com/MakieOrg/Makie.jl/pull/3113