Notebooks activates project automatically (when started with binder)

Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding the answer from ANN: support for Julia 1.x and Project.toml.
I added a local Project.toml to the sub folder with the notebooks, but when I start the notebook (via binder) this local project is not activated (the packages are not installed).
Do I misunderstand the answer and only the .toml from the root is activated automatically? It would be pretty nice if one could add packages that are only needed in the notebooks with a “local” Project.toml.

@davidanthoff It seems that you know a lot about this. I would be very pleased to get an answer.
Thanks a lot.

Yes, the current implementation only activates and instantiates things in the root.

And yes, agreed, it would be nice to look through all directories and instantiate all Project.toml/Manifest.toml instances, and then configure Julia to run with JULIA_PROJECT=@. so that these environments are automatically used.


Thanks a lot for the answer.
If I’m right then, the only two possibilities are to activate it manually in the notebooks, what takes a long time and is not really nice, or to create an extra repository for the notebooks or rather for my tutorials I want to set up right now.