No strict ticks found message

I was plotting and realised a message was popping up in the REPL. I am using Julia 1.5 in Atom and StatsPlots.jl and Plot.jl. Any idea what is causing it?

 Warning: No strict ticks found
└ @ PlotUtils C:\Users\Helga\.julia\packages\PlotUtils\nCtbM\src\ticks.jl:283


Could be a float precision thing? what are the numbers like?

Precision or large numbers are definitely an issue, at least for the GR backend.

The numbers don’t seem too strange but there are a lot of decimal places. I don’t need that much accuracy though.


Is it possible it comes about from plotting too much? The previous plot came out fine


Is it possible there is a “strict” that is in the code that should be “struct”?

The message appears when there is :log10 in the code

scatter(df_high_ranges_final_1[!, :clearance],diag(Matrix(df_high_ranges_final_1[:, (33):(42)])),xaxis = :log10,yaxis = :log10, xlabel = "Vessel Coverage(1*m-2)", ylabel = "Final Target Biomass (g*m-2)", label = "fw1", leg = :outerright)

Does your data have 0’s?


Yes, I have some 0’s in my vector…

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Well, I’m getting the same warning and my data definitely doesn’t have zeros since I manually shift all zeros to 1e-16. Anything else that could cause this?

Using older versions of Plots.jl.

I’m not sure. I have Plots 1.23, which is not the latest but my registry won’t update to 1.25. As simple an example as this reproduces my problem:

x = range(1, 2*pi, length=100)
P = plot(x, 1.00001 .+ cos.(x), yaxis = :log10, xaxis = :log10)
┌ Warning: No strict ticks found
└ @ PlotUtils /Users/ortner/.julia/packages/PlotUtils/VgXdq/src/ticks.jl:294

Plots fine here using Plots; gr()
(Plots v1.25.0)

Activate a temp enviroment and test it.