No space left on device


Apologies - this should be in the “First Steps” sub-category, but that wouldn’t open…

I’ve been using 0.4.6 on Windows for a year without problems, and have just switched to 0.5.1 so that my Windows version is the same as the Linux one on the remote cluster I use.

I’m sure this is a trivially simple problem, but I don’t know the answer:

Typing almost anything into the repl generates the following error:

WARNING: Caught an exception in the keymap:
ERROR: SystemError: flush: No space left on device

Help very gratefully received!

Possible bug: anyone know what "WARNING: Caught an exception in the keymap:" means?

I think it’s exactly what it says: no space left on device … Your hard drive is full!


Thanks! It’s just been one of those days when I should have stayed in bed…