No node name error with XLSX


I’m trying to write some code to import spreadsheets into julia, stack them together in an array, manipulate them a bit and save them into a csv.

I’m however having problems in importing programmatically the excel files as I get a ‘no node name’ error.

Location = pwd() 
Directory = readdir(Location)

for ii in eachindex(Directory)
    excel = XLSX.readxlsx(Directory[ii])

But I found that the following sort of works:

myexl=XLSX.openxlsx(Directory[1], enable_cache=false)

but then I don’t know how to make myexl into an array. So my question is why the no node error usinf readxlsx and other derivative xlsx functions?

What I can do better to achieve my task?

not sure where the error comes from but you can get the data by calling


Or if you want to use a DataFrame then

myexcel = DataFrame(XLSX.readtable(filename, sheet, Column))

I gave up with the function XLSX.readxlsx() :frowning:

Here is my code snipped, for an excel file, where the first line with data starts at line number 4 and I know that in column one is the time and in column 2 the H2-flow:

fn_sel = "yourfilename.xlsx"
t_vec = Vector{Float64}(undef, 0)
ΦH2   = Vector{Float64}(undef, 0)
XLSX.openxlsx(fn_sel, enable_cache = false) do xf
    name_sheet1 = XLSX.sheetnames(xf)[1]
    sheet = xf[name_sheet1]
    for i_sr in XLSX.eachrow(sheet) # sr = sheet raw
        rownum = XLSX.row_number(i_sr)
        if rownum > 3 
            # println("t: ", i_sr["A"], " s")
            if ~isempty(i_sr["A"]) && ~isempty(i_sr["B"])
                push!(t_vec, i_sr["A"])
                push!(ΦH2, i_sr["B"])

thanks, trying this solution now. A bit strange that I haven’t found a reliable way to programmaticaly import and read a bunch of excel files for analysis in Julia.

Meanwhile it is clear, why readxlsx() is not suitable for my XLSX-file:
# ERROR: Styles not found for this workbook. #233