No attribute for title position - why always at top of figure?

In the example below I would like the title to the left of fig[2,1]. Is there a simple way to do this in the Makie Figure format? New Axis with textbox? Rotation did not work for me.

Label(fig[2, 1, Left()], "title", padding = (0, 5, 0, 0), rotation = pi/2) should do the trick


Great! Thanks! I clearly have to study the third positional argument of the layout…

let’s say the top is called ax1, the left one ax2 and the third one ax3. If you do

hidexdecorations!(ax1, ticks = false)
hideydecorations!(ax3, ticks = false)

probably it will look nice.

Yes, some ticks could be eliminated without loss of information.

In this particular case my plan was to demonstrate the exact correspondence of the axes on the heatmap with those of the scatter plot. This is important in applications where the center of the light blob has to be determined with a precision larger than the pixel resolution (by spatial fitting and temporal averaging)

For those following this: the third argument is a subplot label, see Tutorial · Makie.jl

Thanks again.

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It’s not a subplot label, it’s one of the protrusion spaces surrounding the layout cell. That’s a fixed size space outside of the cell that is beyond the alignment boundary of the variable size cell center. Just like in an axis the ticks or the title inhabit this space. You could place the label in its own layout cell left of the axis, but if there were even more elements in that column, you could get alignment issues that way.

The default is Inner() which is what elements are usually placed in, the inner part of the layout cell that is variably sized

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So my phrasing is not exact. If the Title is one of the protrusions of the layout cell - at position TopCenter() - the TopCenter label is equivalent with the title, but not an alias I presume?

The axis has its own protrusions that are computed internally, the title is not a Label object. But you can emulate it with one placed into the protrusion cell.