New website

Very nice. On the Scientific Domains tab there’s extra spaces in that parenthesis:

tools ( JuMP and Optim ),

I just noticed that the links are also wrong.

Hah. I formerly worked in a medical imaging unit at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London.
The placement of the apostrophe resulted in many letters to the Times.


Thanks - looks like the image is too large, we need to enhance it with responsive image code.

Thank you, yes, we talked about this too. And I feel the same. Initially, the inner pages were using Futura but reading anything longer than a headline is hard.

We want to run some experiments with different fonts, something modern and more readable, like Roboto maybe.

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I tried to optimise the image but can’t get much - it’s got a lot of detail and colors (gradient) and leads to visible quality loss when we achieve any significant decrease in size.

@essenciary great work on the design!


Frutiger might be worth trying?

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It’s a really nice, clean design. Did you experiment with heavier use of the ‘Julia colours’?

I generally like the Roboto font, might be a good idea.

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Good work, nice design.
Little detail, navbar underline works well before selecting, however, once the tab selected underline it’s blocked under home tab. It is purposely made?

That was a bug - now fixed.

I pushed a series of readability improvements (including swapped Futura for Roboto). I think it helps a lot given the focus on content.

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The tabs on top of the page: “Home”, “Downloads”, “Documentation”, “Blog”, etc. all behave like tabs, and stay in place when you select one. Except for the “Documentation” tab, which sends you to a completely new page. It doesn’t really behave like a tab.

Should it be styled differently, or something? It’s a bit jarring when you are moving through the tabs to get an overview.

The “Donate” link also sends you to a new website, and is styled accordingly.


Note that the website is all up on github, so it’s easy to make small tweaks like adding hyperlinks –

(It might be nice to add an “edit this page” button as well).


5 MB of GIF animations are way too much I believe. Can’t it be made an encoded video since I remember Plots.jl supports it? Then, autoplay, loop, etc.

Also Firefox seems to not apply anti-aliasing filters on your GIF animations (at least the one I use) during scaling, which makes it render really bad, especially the GIF under Data Science tab.

The minesweeper image is rescaled without maintaining W/H ratio.

It would really look good if the Julia in a Nutshell part was a bit interactive like that in, or at least redirect users to a relevant article.


It seems that the total page size is 17.3MB. That seems way too large, especially for those on limited mobile connections.


Great idea. Done.

Can you file an issue? We have to put the whole thing on a diet, especially on the mobile.

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This has been fixed now.


Thanks. Fixed now, I think.

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In the tab “Rich Ecosystem for Scientific Computing:” it might be good to mention the powerful and intuitive handling of arrays (including sparse matrices) in a variety of floating-point representations.