New to Julia: Does Julia support 3D image Processing?

I am new to Julia. I need to analyze 3D images for computational modeling of natural phenomena. I would like to know whether Julia supports 3D image analysis?


Could you be more explicit on what processing do you need?
Many tools in the Images.jl ecosystem work for arbitrary dimensions, but I am not sure if that is what you are asking. Home · JuliaImages

Julia, the language, supports arbitrary processing of general multi-dimensional arrays, and much else. I presume you are looking for packages for your domain?

What is your field of research, and have you tried to search in Julia Packages or ?

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Thanks for answering my query.
We are planning to work with a time course of 3D images of tissue sample​s where we know how forces were applied to some boundaries. Given these images and boundary conditions, I want to calculate the deformation of the whole structure. The question is whether one can do that using the Julia’s Neural PDE framework more efficiently (means without 3D mesh generation and FEM). So are there any examples of how similar problems were solved using Julia’s Neural PDE solver?

If I understand you correctly, you know the equations that need to be solved. The problem is “just” solving them.
Since you mention images, I assume your data lives on a nice regular grid. Then I would try finite difference method, not FEM. There are a couple of options:

I also recommend DifferentialEquations.jl for time stepping.

Soft Tissue Deformation?

Maybe you want some mesh-free methods.