How often will the documentation update? I notice that the current docs are some two weeks old at this point. Could it be automatically triggered for a single package when a new version is registered in the registry?

On a side note, the recent JuliaComputing news letter contained a dead link to the repo DocumentationGenerator.jl

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The build system will look for new releases every 30 min. If document generation for a particular release fails, it sticks with the older/existing version. Could you specify the package which didn’t have the latest release docs?

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Ah okay, that sounds good. The following package seems to be stuck at a two weeks old release

My package is stuck at a release ~20 days old. PetrKryslUCSD / FinEtools
Is that expected? How often is the list updated?

It’s meant to update regularly, but something is preventing updates, we’re looking into it

Okay, thanks. I will be patient.

MonteCarloMeasurements is now pointing to the latest version

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The latest registered release of PetrKryslUCSD / FinEtools is v1.0.3, which is already hosted.

My bad, I forgot about the need to use the Registrator.

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