NeutronTransport.jl, a neutron transport solver package


I would like to announce the first version of NeutronTransport.jl, a package that solves the neutron transport equation using the Method of Characteristics approximation.

It is inspired in OpenMOC, a program developed by members of the Computational Reactor Physics Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. OpenMOC is in C++/Python. I have managed to code many of OpenMOC’s functionalities in NeutronTransport.jl in a very short period of time, which shows me (once again) the potential of Julia and its package ecosystem.

Regarding NeutronTransport.jl, short term goals are:

  • add CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) support.
  • parallelization and many other performance enhancement techniques.

The long term goal is to add more approximations, such as Collision Probability, Discrete Ordinates and Diffusion.

I hope people can make use of this package and contribute!

Thank you!


Even though NeutronTransport is in an early stage of development, it can already solve the c5g7 benchmark!

Some pictures: