NEED HELP: Warnings/errors from "Pkg.add("GLPKMathProgInterface")

I’m on a MacBook Pro running High Sierra. I’m trying to run the following code in Julia -

I download Julia, and enter the following commands:


and those run smoothly…but when I enter "Pkg.add(“GLPKMathProgInterface”) I get the following readout - can someone help me figure out how to do this properly? Thanks in advance!:

julia> Pkg.add(“GLPKMathProgInterface”)
INFO: Installing GLPKMathProgInterface v0.3.4
INFO: Building Homebrew
warning: templates not found /usr/local/Cellar/git/2.16.1/share/git-core/templates
Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/kelseyclifford/.julia/v0.6/Homebrew/deps/usr/.git/
fatal: Unable to find remote helper for ‘https’
==============================[ ERROR: Homebrew ]===============================

LoadError: failed process: Process(/Users/kelseyclifford/.julia/v0.6/Homebrew/deps/usr/bin/brew update --force, ProcessExited(1)) [1]
while loading /Users/kelseyclifford/.julia/v0.6/Homebrew/deps/build.jl, in expression starting on line 2

INFO: Building GLPK
WARNING: The following packages do not have relocatable bottles, installation may fail!
Please report these packages to
==> Installing glpk461 from staticfloat/juliadeps
Error: The following formula:
cannot be installed as a binary package and must be built from source.
Install the Command Line Tools:
xcode-select --install

================================[ ERROR: GLPK ]=================================

LoadError: failed process: Process(/Users/kelseyclifford/.julia/v0.6/Homebrew/deps/usr/bin/brew install --ignore-dependencies staticfloat/juliadeps/glpk461, ProcessExited(1)) [1]
while loading /Users/kelseyclifford/.julia/v0.6/GLPK/deps/build.jl, in expression starting on line 49


================================[ BUILD ERRORS ]================================

WARNING: GLPK and Homebrew had build errors.

  • packages with build errors remain installed in /Users/kelseyclifford/.julia/v0.6
  • build the package(s) and all dependencies with"GLPK", "Homebrew")
  • build a single package by running its deps/build.jl script

INFO: Package database updated

Well I uninstalled Julia and got rid of all traces of the packages and everything, reinstalled everything and it worked fine. Mods can delete this or whatever they’d like as I am up and running. Thanks.