Need help for github action adaption

Currently I’m developing a package and wants it to be easily used by github actions, and I plan to write the code under src/git.jl
But the problem is I can’t figure out what I should do after reading related docs and viewing related questions. I don’t know whether I need to call libgit2 or where the files are stored. So I’m asking for help here and hope someone can help write the code or show me the correct routine.

What I want: read data in branch masterdeal with itwrite them to branch gh-pages (the dealing process can be done by an already existing function)
the workflow sample is here, thought i’m not sure it works
details aren’t required currently

If you’re willing to pr, remember to write your name in project.toml : author key

So… someone told me that I can use the tool peaceiris/actions-gh-pages, I guess it can solve the problem at least.