Need Diffractor.jl for State-of-the-Art Deep Learning Model

Hi, I hope to beta test for your Diffractor.jl next generation AD.

I am a co-author of DeepCPCFG [2103.05908] DeepCPCFG: Deep Learning and Context Free Grammars for End-to-End Information Extraction.
This research is also a guest lecture at MIT Intro to Deep Learning MIT 6.S191: Deep CPCFG for Information Extraction - YouTube

I have experienced some memory leak issues while using Zygote.jl to implement the above ML model that combines dynamic programming and deep neural network. I have provided the MWE here GitHub - deepcpcfg/zygote_memleak

and the issue is here Memory leak on worker process · Issue #930 · FluxML/Zygote.jl · GitHub

To overcome this issue, I have to resort to using Tracker.jl

I am requesting to beta test diffractor.jl

@Keno @dhairyagandhi96 @darsnack


I’ve whispers of this diffractor.jl many places now but never seen a dev/wip repo for it. I’m anxious to try it too should it ever come into excistance. :blush:


Word has it that it will be released at JuliaCon.


I am looking forward so much.

Can’t wait. :muscle:t2::+1:t2::white_check_mark::blush: