Near positive definite (NearPD) of a symmetric matrix in Julia

Hi all,

Is there a package in Julia which can be used to find a near positive definite matrix to a symmetric matrix?
In R there is a function nearPD that I can use or the function LaplacesDemon::as.positive.definite.



ProximalOperators exposes the IndPSD type, whose proximal operator is the projection onto the positive semidefinite cone (with the Frobenius norm taken as distance).

More info here.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Edit: an example snippet

using ProximalOperators

# X is your symmetric matrix
P, _ = prox(IndPSD(), X)

@lostella This perfect! Exactly what I was looking for! This is awesome. Thank you very much!
I will need to incorporate that in a inplace function since I will use this in a MCMC loop.

Also, inv (inverse of a matrix) sometimes fails for a matrix borderline invertible. In R, there is a function as.inverse in the LaplacesDemon package which quickly replaces the smallest eigen values by an epsilon.
Are you aware of any function that can do that in Julia?


You should be able to use the in-place version

prox!(P, IndPSD(), X)

which will write directly on a preallocated P.

I don’t know of anything built-in that takes care of the singularity issue: you could either modify the code from ProximalOperators to account for that (instead of projecting eigenvalues to nonnegative values, you project them to a strictly positive region) or just add epsilon*I to P.

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Great! Indeed adding epsilon*I to P seems to do the trick. This works just perfect for me now!
I greatly appreciated your help.
Thank you!

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indeed your answer works for me! How do I do mark your answer as the solution?
I am new to this.