Name of the running.jl or notebook()

I’m facing something that apparently does not seem very simple to solve. The fact is that I’m producing some code that can either go on a notebook() in IJupyter, or be pasted on an ASCII text file (with .jl extension), and be run on the REPL. The fact is that I would like to know if there is a simple way to get the name of the file being ran.
For exemple ‘croco.jl’ (REPL) or ‘dile.ipynb’ (notebook) from within the code…
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works for .jl file. Not sure what it does for notebooks.

Thanks for the info, I already tried that. However, n the notebook it simply says “”

It’s not so easy to get this information in the notebook — it’s not directly available to the IJulia kernel in the Jupyter protocol. See e.g.