How to get URL of current Jupyter notebook?

Let’s say you’re inside a jupyter notebook.

How do you find the URL of the current page?

This should be equivalent to if you just did the following in the javascript console:


// this assumes you know you’re in IJulia

Even getting the name of the notebook is tricky and undocumented:

Once you have the name, I think you can use the contents of IJulia.connection_file to work out the URL.

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So, I’m still a little stumped at how that information would get you to a full url.

in julia,

> readlines(open(IJulia.connection_file))

12-element Array{String,1}:
 "  \"shell_port\": 45415,"                         
 "  \"iopub_port\": 56344,"                         
 "  \"stdin_port\": 55505,"                         
 "  \"control_port\": 34104,"                       
 "  \"hb_port\": 55104,"                            
 "  \"ip\": \"\","                         
 "  \"key\": \"8f542a78-191098430b8bad7b07401613\","
 "  \"transport\": \"tcp\","                        
 "  \"signature_scheme\": \"hmac-sha256\","         
 "  \"kernel_name\": \"julia-0.6\""                 

in python,

> get_notebook_name()


With the following found in the process:

{'base_url': '/user/djsegal-carthage-binder-9195qzmy/', 'hostname': '', 'notebook_dir': '/home/jovyan', 'password': False, 'pid': 1, 'port': 8888, 'secure': False, 'token': 'j03TaCw7Qoun35S4-dCtjQ', 'url': ''}

{'id': 'f10cccfe-449b-4f75-a91c-997ed9cc6952', 'path': 'Carthage.jl.ipynb', 'name': '', 'type': 'notebook', 'kernel': {'id': '38a072d1-ceed-4874-aa37-8da41a659dd4', 'name': 'python3', 'last_activity': '2018-03-21T18:06:35.476223Z', 'execution_state': 'busy', 'connections': 1}, 'notebook': {'path': 'Carthage.jl.ipynb', 'name': ''}}

Do you know any other puzzle pieces that might exist?

Or maybe more importantly, how do you get this python function in Julia:

> list_running_servers

Look at its implementation in Python. It basically walks the Jupyter runtime directory. To get the runtime directory, see here.

All straightforward stuff to re-implement in Julia, just needs someone to do it.

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