Mysterious messages printed on Julia 0.7


On commit 526b83e3f1 I’m seeing this strange message:

julia> using SpecialFunctions

julia> erfcinv(0.5)
in erfcinv at /home/mose/.julia/v0.7/SpecialFunctions/src/erf.jl

julia> erfcinv(0.5)

The message “in erfcinv at /home/mose/.julia/v0.7/SpecialFunctions/src/erf.jl” is shown only on the first call to the function. Does someone have a clue about where this message comes from?

Note that the message is printed also without loading SpecialFunctions, so it has nothing to do with the package, the only difference is that an error is printed in this case because the function was moved to an external package.


Culprit found after bisection: PR#22763. The message is mentioned there.


Fixed in, though Julia should also be updated to give a better error message (the problem was SpecialFunctions importing a deprecated binding).