Error in "build Special Functions

Hi all, this is a question haunting me for a while. I am using win10 as the admin. I can’t run “build SpecialFunctions” in Julia client. The julia 1.0.4 is indeed run as admin. The error says

I did some google on the first warning and then clicked “Developer Mode” in the setting. It didn’t solve the issue. For the second warning I had no clue what it meant.

Thanks for any suggestion.

The first step is to upgrade Julia to the current stable release (v1.1.1). Then try

pkg> rm SpecialFunctions
pkg> add SpecialFunctions

and without explicitly building it (ignoring any messages for the moment), just see if it works

julia> using SpecialFunctions
julia> besselj0(0.5)

if it does not work, or errors on precompiling, then

pkg> build SpecialFunctions

and try using it as above. If it still does not work, post the precompile errors and the build errors … SpecialFunctions has had issues and updating to Julia v1.1.1 helped me get it working. I don’t know that you will find the same thing happens; it is worth trying.

(you should not need developer mode or admin windows … the message about symlinks can be ignored without difficulty – as far as I know)

Much appreciation for the prompt reply. Unfortunately the same errors reappeared.

Error at precompling SpeicalFunctions:

Error at building SpecialFunctions

ok – I don’t know what to do so I am mentioning your thread on the math channel at Julia’s Slack, someone who reads that will be familiar with this issue – although you may need to wait a while for them to be awake.

One last thing to try

pkg> rm SpecialFunctions
pkg> add SpecialFunctions#master
julia> using SpecialFunctions

(otherwise wait for a more informed response :slight_smile: )

under deps there is a directory usr – delete that directory and try to get SpecialFunctions once again (there is a known issue that this resolves, whether it fixes things for you is to be seen). If that does not work … delete the fvheQ directory and if you have
C:\Users\(your user name).julia\compiled\v1.1\SpecialFunctions
delete that directory too, then try to get Special Functions once again.
After that – I dunno.

Yes, I find several docs under the folder fvheQ

My win10 system is default in Chinese, and I may not change to English in the setting…

please see my last note for directions (that it is in Chinese should make no difference).

Here is a note from Slack:

Cormullion < 1 minute ago
SpecialFunctions is the only package that gives me any problems these days (apart from Cairo.jl :)). It usually fails to install first time, with errors such as

┌ Error: Error building SpecialFunctions:
│ gfortran -m64 -O2 -fPIC -fPIC -c amos/d1mach.f -o amos/d1mach.f.o
│ make: gfortran: No such file or directory
│ make: *** [amos/d1mach.f.o] Error 1
│ [ Info: Downloading to /var/folders/0n/rxl1scks0f19tnxt9pgjcs_40000gp/T/juliaBwbaDX-download.gz…, then you try it again, possibly twice, and it works. Actually the first error does say Please re-run"SpecialFunctions"), and restart Julia. so perhaps it just needs a few attempts.

Hi Jeffrey, thanks a lot for all tips! The issues are still there after several tries. I also encountered the similar issue when building “Arpack” to test package “Distributions”.

So I guess my problem may be not specific to SpecialFunctions that is necessary for me to use JuMP

Both SpecialFunctions and Arpack are known to be troublesome sometimes, particularly with Windows. I do not have a good answer for you :frowning: .
You could try installing this stuff including Julia … .using WindowsTerminal (get the dependencies first if you try this)

:slightly_smiling_face:I finally found out a partial solution. What went wrong in precompling and building SpecialFunctions and Arpack seems to me that the powershell prevents Julia from downloading gcc7.tar.gz into the designated folder. I can manually click the link in the warning message and then download them to finish the building process. I hope there will be a permanent answer to fix it. Terminal on windows could be worth a try and I have no problem using Julia in Mac.

Thanks again for your help :+1:

For similar posts, see:
The first post there seems to have similar errors, that were (partly) solved.

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Yes, and I guess the issue sticks with the downloading error, something weird in win10.

Hello there,

I had the similar problems adding and compiling SpecialFunctions, which is quite frustrating as these functions make julia especially appealing.

In my case downloading



solved the problem.
Running REPL as admin did not help. When I tried, the download into the admin - user folder failed. I wonder if there is some problem in the SpecialFunctions package setup?

I am using julia-1.2 and windows 7.

(This was my first post in this forum, and I am taking my first steps in julia)

Yes, you are right. You have to download packages manually into designated folder in this case, hope it can be solved in future development.