Multiple workers in windows

When running julia from cygwin I can write
Julia -p 4
to start it with 4 workers. How can I run 4 workers in Julia directly from the windows program (using the short-cut)

Just use addprocs

bin/julia.exe can also be run directly and should accept that argument.

Assuming that julia.exe is in your Windows PATH, you can create a new file on Desktop named Juliap4.bat, for example, with the following content:

julia.exe -p4

Now, you can double-click on this file to open Julia with 4 workers. If julia.exe is not included in your system’s PATH or you have multiple installations of Julia and you need a specific version, replace julia.exe above with the full path to your desired executable.

Can I use this batch file also for stuff I originally had in a separate juliarc.jl file with the content

using Plots
f = “Sans”
default(tickfont = font(f,8),
guidefont = font(f,11),
legendfont = font(f,8))

and if yes, how ?