Multiple texture interpolations at the same time


I am begginer to Julia and CUDA.jl so please forgive me if the answer to the question is obvious. I couldn’t find the solution by myself.

I would like to perform texture interpolation (similar to this) but I have multiple source arrays and I would like to interpolate different sets of indices for every source array. I am wondering if it could be done parallel for all indices simultaneously. I think I could imagine a solution using CUDA kernel which would iterate over all indices and interpolate them using adequate source array, but I couldn’t find how to perform texture interpolations inside kernel. Maybe there is better way?

Texture interpolation inside a kernel is done by passing a texture object and using regular indexing, see the test suite for some examples: CUDA.jl/texture.jl at master · JuliaGPU/CUDA.jl · GitHub

There’s also an example in one of the previous blog posts: CUDA.jl 1.1 ⋅ JuliaGPU

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