MOI.Test.Config optimal_status OPTIMAL or LOCALLY_SOLVED?

Is there a way to simply accept both optimal_status OPTIMAL and LOCALLY_SOLVED in MOI.Test.Config? For GAMS.jl I can’t really decide this, because it depends on what solver GAMS internally chooses. Would be great if I would not have to disable a whole test because of this.

I tried:

        atol = 1e-5,
        rtol = 1e-5,
        optimal_status = MOI.LOCALLY_SOLVED,
        exclude = Any[

but this doesn’t seem to work.

Hmm. We haven’t considered this.

What you might have to do is manually split the tests into an exclude/include list. But that’s not a robust solution.

Perhaps open an issue at MOI and we can discuss.

Okay, no problem. I decided to hard code a single specific solver that should support most features (so that GAMS would not select another solver internally). Only works for users who have this solver licensed then.