Module Naming

I’m currently in the process of preparing a few modules I created for publication to Github. They load and parse data from various instruments. So far I’ve named them after the companies that make the instruments or the software that generates the files. EddyMeas for instance, is a program which saves sonic anemometer data and is also the name of my module. The files themselves are binary have an SLT extension.

Is there an existing standard for naming modules for loading data? EddyMeasLoad? LoadEddyMeas? It has functions for writing as well so Load doesn’t fully explain what it does. The current name fits with a Julia naming guide.

I also have modules for Aerodyne QCL files (STR and STC) and Campbell Scientific TOA5 text files once I figure do it with EddyMeas. It’ll be nice for those in soil/atmospheric sciences to have some handy modules to get started.

You probably should register them with

Then, if the loaders are small enough, it might be a good idea to just make one package? Package naming guide is here.

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Good idea. I’ll take a look at FileIO.

What is too big? One of the modules has ~1300 lines but the others are much smaller.

I have been mulling the idea of combining them all into one package (ClimateDataIO?). Right now I’m not leaning one direction or another.

“Too big” probably means long load times (and if they have many extra dependencies, in particular not pure Julia deps)