Modeling elliptical geometries with Meshes.jl

Maybe this is a dumb question but is there a native method for defining ellipses/ellipsoids in Meshes.jl? I didn’t see anything in the docs, and from a quick perusal of the source it doesn’t seem like Ball or Sphere were intended to have their radii defined as vectors.

I’ve been thinking about working around this with a local method like

ellipsoid(a,b,c) = Meshes.Stretch(a,b,c)(Meshes.Sphere(center,1))

but am I missing something obvious?

There is an open issue to add the Ellispsoid primitive. We are working on other more urgent features, but contributions are very welcome.

In the meantime you can discretize the Sphere and apply the Stretch.

Ah! I didn’t catch that it was listed under Add more geometries · Issue #349 · JuliaGeometry/Meshes.jl · GitHub