ML+Optimization consulting/contracting

I’d love to help your company:

  • Select, invent, implement algorithms and methods in Julia (or Python/Rust, if that’s the need)
  • Give you the help you need to go faster: ML for the SWE, machine affinity for the scientists, awareness of what is possible for CxOs.
  • Advise on the design, processes and infra to keep velocity up long term.

See [1] for my experience, publications etc, but I’ve done applied and theoretical research in both ML and Optimization, invented, implemented and analyzed algorithms and got hands dirty with data and benchmarks to deliver. Also have experience as a software engineer, lead, trainer and mentor.

Not a Julia expert yet, but am using multiple dispatch for extensible algorithm architecture and learning the rest on my time.

If I might be able to help you, lets talk!


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